respond to me not

The things of the flesh,

those little objects and living figures.

They cause my soul to ache,

as I behold their fickle features.

For if my eyes glazed over,

if my ears shut,

or if my skin lost its sense of touch.

All that lays before me,

would be no more valuable than dust.

How perilous it is,

to put my hope into this world.

For if at any moment,

my senses gave way,

so too would my joy.

But you God,

you are not confined to my ability

to see, smell, taste, hear or feel.

How relieving it is to know,

that the measure to which I experience you,

is not defined by the variables,

of my decaying shell.

The breadth to which I know you,

will surely expand and grow.

My hunger for your presence will not cease,

though i’m surrounded by great riches and spoils.

I will not fear when the world crumbles apart.

When chaos is aroused,

or when humanity loses its benevolence.

I will praise you for I know your foundation is secure.

That your goodness is greater than that which is observed.

You are permanent, steadfast, and pure.

In a world driven by entropy,

you are never changing.

In a world whose light source is dimming,

your flame forever burns evenly.

As a holy man once noted:

“Dark implies light,

Death implies life,

Self implies other”

So my broken heart implies wholeness.

So my hunger implies fullness.

So my aching soul implies solace.

So my shortcomings and mishaps,

imply that there is one who will honor his promises.

Let me not be driven by my flesh, mind or heart.

Let my body rot in the ground for all that I care.

But let my soul be awake,

sober-minded and fully able,

to know that you are God,

unchaining and forever stable.

Respond to me not because of my pleading cries or confused mind.

Move not because my doubtful thoughts are in need of a desperate sign.

Make not my path straight because I have become sloth-like.

Show me not your face because I question the divine.

Hold back from me all that you have,

if its only your safety that i’m seeking.

Keep me in the cold darkness,

until I no longer rely on my cravings.

Show me what its like,

to have a void so expansive,

that only you can replete it.

Show me how to find rest in you,

in the midst of endless wandering.

Show me that I can feel full,

even when my stomach is empty.

Show me how to live by the spirit,

and not let my flesh get the best of me.