I am not a delicate, meadow flower.

Meek, frail, and small.

I am not a soft-spoken, shy,

little, quiet, Christian girl.

The purpose of my life,

is not to simply “survive”.

To avoid all temptation, to stay pure,

or to leave this world unscathed and unharmed.

I do not seek after a secure life,

a supportive husband,

or the ideal nuclear family home.

I crave for the unseen,

the unknown, and the spiritual.

I am Woman.

I am Gods chosen elite.

I am an emissary of Christ,

and hes given me a warrior’s mentality.

I carry the weapons forged by the Lord.

I fight on the front lines of a battle,

that most men do not have the eyes to

see or the awareness to acknowledge.

I do not lay awake at night,

consumed by the cares of this world.

I do not worry or toil over shelter,

bills to be paid, or food on the table.

I keep awake well after dusk,

and rise before the early morning;

To intercede for the lost,

the oppressed, and the hurting.

I am Woman.

My heart is soft, my skin is tough,

and my spirit is unbreakable.

I can take a hit, and many more,

if it means I can buy some time for a soul

to recoup in the midst of their greatest battle.

I will rise up where no other man has the guts to stand.

Ill spread my wings like a mother hen,

and shelter all those who are in need of protection.

Like a mother bear,

I will lay down my life for another;

for my brothers and my sisters,

and for the orphaned child.

My price is not determined,

by that seen in the silver reflection.

A photo taken, or a compliment given.

My beauty is rooted in my steadfast faith,

Godly fear and unwavering mind.

I am Woman.

I am the Kings chosen bride.

I am fully surrendered, and I stand at this right-hand side.

I respond to his call, and follow his lead.

I am a vessel out of which his anointing oil pours out for all to world see.