blue depression


My spirit is unable,

to exercise discernment.

It cannot recognize the truth,

in the midst of great deception.

Like a broken glass prism,

beveled in the wrong direction,

it cannot disperse the visible colors,

from their single-slit origin.

My spirit’s visible spectrum,

is reduced down to a dull blue depression.

My world is nothing more,

than gradients of grey,

in a tarnished silver reflection.

Let your white light breach,

the gelatinous domed surface,

of these hindered veiled eyes,

stuck in the violet chromatic spectrum.

Hit me with your longer wavelengths,

expose me to your bright and yellow pigments.

Amaze me with your glorious red flames,

and send sparks within my iris.

Awake my color blind eyes,

to your rainbow-lit refraction.

Show me once again,

what these eyes were made to distinguish.

Show me once again,

what my spirit was meant to encompass.