Our love was a rose,

I tore from the garden.

So beautiful at first,

till it withered away.

Oh, there’s nothing left

but my thorn-pricked fingers,

and our memory-infused petals

on the floorboard.

How everything I knew and adored,

quickly oxidized and fell apart.

I thought I could take your spirit with me,

and still walk the earth how I saw fitting.

You told me to stay grounded where you placed me,

but our connection snapped at the stem when I took off running.

The only stars I see,

are from the dizzy spells which send me spinning.

Your charm and beautiful lights,

have become sunspots in my eyes.

I cannot believe what we have become,

nor do I fully understand the wrongs I have done.

The painful pricks and crunchy bud,

are a reminder that our love will not withstand,

unless I am grafted back into your holy branch.