soul tie

I’m stuck under the wrong soul.

My heartstrings are playing the wrong song.

I’m stuck under the wrong soul.

I’m falling deeper down the rabbit hole.

He has become my greatest woe,

and I lack the strength to let him go.

My spirit is pleading within me, “cut off the ties from he”.

I’m trying to find my solid ground,

and place my shaking foot down.

But we’ve got these two bleeding hearts,

caught in the middle, of a covenant that just won’t hold.

Lord, you were the only one I used to know.

You were the only one I used to call my home.

But now this soul tie, this mental war inside,

has me second guessing your original design.

I’m suffocating, I cannot find my way back to you, God.

My mind- it’s no longer mine.

My emotions- take me to foreign places.

I’m held bound, and my heart aches with the night.

I’m fighting with myself.

My soul is split between two results.

No matter what I choose,

my seam will tear too deep to sew.