bind my feet

This wondering spirit inside,

has left me empty and deserted.

I plead to you, I cry, “take from me my eyes”.

To you, I cry, “take from me my life”.

I won’t finish this race.

I fear that my legs will lead me astray.

I am scared that my eyes will take heed from the wrong light.

My wavering spirit has kept me from the righteous path.

So how shall I continue, knowing I’ll only ever know your wrath?

Please lord, bind my feet, and carry me along the road.

I’m scared of my own will, I’m scared it will win, the wrestle against your call.

Take from me the gift of free will,

and the ability to self-provide.

Oh please, bind my feet.

For I’d rather be a slave inside,

than wander around and know that i’m not alright.