last tick-mark

You lead me to my bed at night,

and safety guard my door.

You give to me, restful dreams,

and chuckle at my snores.

You wait for me to rise awake,

to sing to me your songs.

You walk with me, throughout my day,

to share with me your thoughts.

Your heart it cries and breaks for me,

when my feet fall from the road,

But just like those, scattered seeds,

your mercies are deeply sown.

I’ll weep many, countless tears,

but you will keep your spirit near.

For just as your begotten son,

my fickle heart, will be stretched and wrung.

Although you long to take me home,

I will stay to save the ones you love.

I know these days will bring great pain,

but its worth it all, for your eternal name.

My heartbeat is a ticking clock,

one that tocks until the last tick-mark.

My lungs they wheeze, sigh and groan,

for air alone, they just wont hold.

Once my flesh is used, beat and worn,

I will return to you, as one restored.

But until that day, you’ll hold me close,

so that in the end we will rejoice.